The path tracking technology in the ShopR360TM solution makes it by far the most accurate solution in the market for behaviour analytics including people counting.

We connect offline and online shopper data technologies to capture all shoppers stepping into your mall, store or restaurant.


Unlike devices based on thermal or 2D technology, heat curtains, strollers, shopping carts, luggage, sunlight and shadows do not affect the accuracy of ShopR360TM output.

The accuracy of the data captured coupled with sophisticated, bespoke analytics and flexible reporting make ShopR360TM a prudent and compelling option to consider.


ShopR360TM optical character recognition technology helps you to know which geographic areas your shoppers/visitors are coming from and how frequently repeat customers visit your premises.


ShopR360TM video analytics counts and tracks the path of people through the field of view of the CCTV.The devices are also able to distinguish consumers by way of gender or age groups as well as identify individual or groups such as families.


ShopR360TM  sensor helps in tracking specific path of individual shoppers/visitors without compromising on their identity.